Trimming the tree: Dos and Don’ts

Each household takes a different approach when it comes to decorating the tree. Are you a throw it all on kind of home, or do you take more of a regimented, precise approach? Maybe you’re a two-tree household with a perfectly adorned one for the adults and an anything goes tree for the kids?
Either way, here are our top tips for making sure your tree looks the best it can this December…

String the lights first to make sure they’re evenly spaced over the whole tree

Decide whether you want a colour scheme or not, either can look good but it’s all down to personal preference

Buy pre packed baubles sets, they can help tie everything together by creating a theme

Mix shapes of baubles to add more interest to the tree

Take a break once you’ve finished and come back to it later with fresh eyes before deciding if you want to move things around


Avoid all homemade or unique decorations just because they don’t match. They can really help to add charm and character to your tree and make it your own

Only add decorations to the end of the branches, try to put them inside the tree to add depth and so the tree doesn’t look bare towards the middle

Worry about adding too much – so long as your ornaments are evenly spaced your tree will still look the part

Forget to water the tree (unless you have an artificial one – of course!).Keep it in a reservoir of water and make sure it doesn’t dry up, this will help your tree to look fresh (and not droopy) for as long as possible

We hope you have fun decorating your tree this Christmas. And don’t forget, there’s a special service at the Cathedral on the 13th December at 4.30pm. Watch the spectacular sight as the 20 feet-tall Norwegian spruce is lit up in all its glory!