Shop ‘til you drop with the InDurham Loyalty Card today

What can you get for £5 these days? Five one pound coins or just 500 hundred pennies? You might think not a lot, but actually, where we’re concerned, the answer is a more than you might think!
You see, with an InDurham Loyalty Card, you can get access to a whole host of exclusive deals, discounts and other special offers, available only to IDLC card holders, to make use of in businesses across Durham City. You really can shop ‘til you drop!
For an annual subscripton fee of just £5, shops, service providers and other retailers in Durham can give you the chance to grab a baragin and enjoy even more of what the City has to offer you, your family and friends.  With deals updated daily, there’s always something to keep you coming back to the City time and time again.
Whether you’re popping in to do a spot of shopping, heading out for a meal and a few drinks, or taking care of your financial affairs in selling your home and arranging a mortgage, the offers available via the InDurham Loyalty Card are super useful for people wanting to spend their time in our beautiful City.
Simply visit the InDurham Loyalty Card page of our website and subscribe today. Your subscription will automatically renew every year, so you can keep on enjoying all the benefits being part of the scheme has to offer. Then, keep coming back to our website and check out all of the different deals and discounts available.  Make a note of what takes your fancy or print off the voucher, and head into the City to redeem the special offer and enjoy all of the different savings the IDLC gives you.
So what can you get for £5 these days? The answer is a whole lot more with the InDurham Loyalty Card!