Making the most of Durham City during this latest lockdown

We’re bringing you the lowdown on how city life is moving forward, we’re championing the people that make businesses tick and we’re shouting about some incredibly exciting developments coming to Durham…

It’s part of our brand-new campaign – Life InDurham! The core values of the Life InDurham brand is to help all City users, whether they be visitors or residents, businesses or students – the list goes on – adapt to a new way of living their lives in Durham City. After all, Covid-19 has changed things considerably for us all, and while we eagerly await a vaccination programme, until then we’re all going to have to learn how to live with this virus and weather this latest lockdown in the run up to Christmas.

Using the rainbow image and vibrant colours representing a symbol of hope, community and togetherness, our Life InDurham campaign is here to help you get the most out of the City while supporting businesses and the local community, whatever the latest government guidelines are. Like you, we’re still getting accustomed to this brave new world, but we’ve put together a small guide to give you a quick heads up to ensure your time city is as safe and as stress-free as possible…

Travel smart

Durham already has a lively cycling community! If you can, ditch four wheels for two this winter and enjoy the wind in your hair as you zoom into town. A great way to see the city from a new perspective – and do your bit for the environment, of course!

Don’t forget to smile!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen other beautiful people and a warm smile (even behind your mask!) can make the world of difference to someone’s day. Don’t stop smiling – and remember to spread festive cheer as usual this winter!

Track your day

Make sure you have the NHS Track and Trace app downloaded and ready to go before heading into the city. It’s a vital tool for keeping everyone safe this winter and it’s a legal requirement for many businesses.

Plan ahead

Some of our businesses are still finding their feet, are yet to reopen or are shifting their operations to be in line with the latest government guidelines. While we cannot wait to visit old friends again, for now please do check their websites and social media pages before visiting. Many businesses in Durham will be able to stay open during the current ‘stay at home’ mandate as they sell essential goods, others are offering takeaway and delivery services, while some are providing click and collect options for you to choose from too.

Go contactless

Keep both yourself and our high street safe by using cashless payments where possible. It’s a more hygienic way to pay – this if you’re not already placing orders online and only coming into the city to collect your goods.

Patience is a virtue

It’s vital that we all weather 2020 with patience and compassion. People, businesses and services are still adjusting to this rollercoaster ride – give each other time and let’s drive our city forward, together.

Mask it up

Because wearing is caring. Face masks are now mandatory on public transport, in shops and moving around hospitality venues. Remember yours when travelling into and exploring the city.

Distance is key

We’ve all had plenty of practice at this one – but make sure you keep adhering to the
2m guidelines during the festive period. You’ll find an abundance of markers across the city and in our stores to help guide you.

* A version of this article first appeared in the debut edition of brand new publication, Life InDurham. To read the original article and to view the full edition, click here.