Life InDurham Fund

The Life InDurham Fund at the Community Foundation:

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the City and the businesses who call Durham their home. This in turn affects jobs and incomes, with a clear link between the business and residential community.

Community can sometimes be felt and seen but the #ClapForCarers movement allowed us to actually hear community spirit in action. During the harshest times of lockdown when we thought the world stopped at our doorstep, we learned that it went along our street, and then we could hear the next street clap, and then the next. It felt like we collectively belonged to something during some of our darkest days.

Sadly, we don’t always hear when the community needs help. What we hope to do is enable people to provide help to those that need it at this most challenging time. This is the purpose of the Life InDurham Fund at the Community Foundation.

It’s about people living locally raising money to support those across the county – right here in our own community – who have been impacted most by COVID-19, and need to feel the effects of a community effort coming together to help each other out when it’s needed most.

About Durham County Community Foundation:

County Durham Community Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation – it’s a charity in its own right but also supports other charities across Durham County to help people living locally. The Foundation works with individuals, families and local businesses who want to put something back into their community, either in their lifetime, or through leaving a legacy.

How you can donate to the Life InDurham Fund at the Community Foundation:

You can donate to the Life InDurham Fund at the Community Foundation via one of two ways:

  1. Make a donation of your choosing via the Life InDurham Fund; or
  2. Make an optional donation of a set amount when purchasing an InDurham Loyalty Card.

All monies are then donated to the Life InDurham Fund at the Community Foundation who will match-fund the monies raised to a value of £50,000. Using the team’s local knowledge of community groups, good causes and other charitable organisations across the county, the County Durham Community Foundation will then distribute grants from the Life InDurham Fund to support those who are most in need.