Fire&Ice InDurham Fun Facts

If you’re thinking about things to do with the kids for half term next week (perhaps you’re looking for a day out in Durham…) then we thought this one might be of interest to you.
Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February sees the return of Fire&Ice InDurham. A stunning spectacular of ice sculptures situated across the City lit by flaming beacons.  With live ice carving demos, a chance to give it a go yourself and not forgetting the grand finale too, if you’re asking yourself ‘what’s on in Durham’ or ‘where can I go in Durham City’ – then we have the answer for you! Fire&Ice InDurham of course…
If you’re as excited as we are to see the City transformed and taken over by the icy interpretations of the myths and legends from times gone by, then we thought we’d whet your appetite with some fun facts about the festival.
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