Don’t miss out – dates, times and all the other bits you need to know for Fire&Ice InDurham

With Fire&Ice InDurham just a few days away, we’re really excited to share with you the programme of events for the full festival…
On both Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February, you will be able to follow the ice trail around the City lit by flaming beacons from 10am. Then, between 12pm and 4pm in the Market Place, you’ll be able to witness the team from Glacial Arts in action, who worked on the hit TV series Game of Thrones, through a series of live ice carving demonstrations. At the same time between 12pm and 5pm at Millennium Place, you will have the chance to join the professionals and give carving a go for themselves on the specially created ice wall.
At 4pm, the ice trail will come to a close with the sculptures removed in anticipation of the grand finale. As a warm up, fire performers will entertain you in the Market Place before the first rendition of the grand finale takes place at 5pm.
This will be a shortened 10-minute version of the performance, see shooting flames and dancing water jets set in time to a soundtrack full of tunes from stories that small children will recognise. Then, later at 6.00pm, a longer 15-minute performance will take place using the same stunning visual effects, but with a more mature soundtrack that older children and adults will enjoy.
This year’s festival is set to be bigger and better than ever before. We’ve loved following the theme of Literary Characters – it’s going to be visually spectacular. We’ve seen some designs and images of the preliminary ice carvings from Glacial Art and they really do take your breath away.
We hope you’ll agree, Fire&Ice InDurham is a very magical. So magical in fact that when the team from Glacial Art were carving the Gandalf sculpture, he fell off the table they were using to create him on and miraculously, he didn’t shatter into tiny pieces – not even a small break! There’s definitely something very special about this ice sculpture indeed and we’re looking forward to seeing it very soon!
Remember, if you’re looking for things to do with children in Durham this Half Term and are planning to come along to Fire&Ice InDurham to see the ice sculpture trail, please come into the City as early as possible. With the fabric of the sculptures open to the elements, they’re in best condition in the morning, as the rate at which they melt varies massively upon the weather.
While forecasts for the final weekend of the Half Term break are so far looking good, rain and especially wind can erode the ice faster than sunshine, so we’re hoping for bright and fine days during the course of Fire&Ice InDurham. Keep your fingers crossed!
Of course, the weather is not something we can control. While we appreciate you may not be planning to come into the City until later in the afternoon on the Friday or Saturday for the evening’s entertainment, if you want to see the sculptures really looking their best, plan to get into Durham as close to 10am as possible when the icy storybook characters have just been unveiled.
And do remember, there’s still plenty to see and do across the City throughout the course of the day if you do come into Durham during the morning. There’s the live demos, the chance to give ice carving a go for yourself, plus plenty of shops, bars, restaurants other businesses to visit to really make a whole day of your time in Durham. Don’t forget, if you have an InDurham Loyalty Card, you can grab yourself a bargain too!