Busking auditions postponed while talks take place

We have decided to postpone our Live InDurham: Busking event due to be held on Thursday 18th August until we have completed a period of additional consultations.
At the moment, we’re undertaking further roundtable discussions with buskers and businesses across the City to allow all involved to air any concerns and discuss how busking should work in Durham City.
Live performance is an integral part of Durham City’s unique offer, and it’s important that we continue the strong legacy of busking, but we also want to ensure that everyone has a positive experience when they’re visiting our City.
Therefore we’re keen to ensure that Durham BID is working in the best interests of the City as a whole, including businesses, buskers and visitors to the Durham. There are so many amazingly talented buskers, who bring vibrancy and entertainment to the city, but equally we are looking to address concerns raised by both visitors and businesses, of inappropriate content and excessive volume from a limited number of buskers. We want live performance to only ever enhance people’s experience of Durham City so they continue to visit and enjoy all our great City has to offer.
With continued dialogue between the BID, buskers and businesses, we hope that everyone with an interest in the city can work collaboratively to find a positive solution for all, while maintaining a positive visitor experience in Durham.
We’re aware some concerns have been raised regarding the proposed permit scheme and we want to listen and take this feedback on board, to devise a scheme working with all stakeholders that will benefit everyone.
Ultimately our end goal is to preserve the quality of busking and continue to provide all visitors to Durham with an enjoyable City experience.
We’re looking forward to the ongoing conversations and welcome suggestions for the further development of the scheme.